5 things most website development companies hide from clients like you

5 things most website companies hide that may affect your plans

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A Website is supposed to be a replica of a brick and mortar store or even an imaginary one if you don't use this traditional channel.

The only difference between these two is the platform used as well as how customers access your products and services. With that said I can feel a bit more confident to share 5 most important components that really impact your decision about what kind of companies to contract for website development. 

1. Domain name - just like the brick and mortar store with a name that entices prospective  customers, your domain name must do the same. Include your product or service key words to appertise your prospective customers to click your link which is similiar to customers walking into your store .

  • Make sure that you have thought and consulted about your URL
  • - make sure that the URL is telling the reader what your business is about.
  • - Avoid underscores,   long names and dashes
  •  Cool URLs are easy to memorize 

Takeaway Lesson

  • Obtaining a URL requires you to register a domain .
  • Domains are normally subscription services with minimum of a year and renewable. 
  • Make sure that your domain extension is for the target market and country.  Eg .com by default means the company targets the USA
  • Budget a minimum  $25 to get a cool user URL

This cost is normally kept secret. 

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2. Domain hosting - just like to the brick and mortar store that pays rent to enable you to keep selling the same applies for your domain hosting. Many compannies provide domain hosting services but you have to evaluate which hosting company works for you.

  • Make sure that you have your website hosted by a reputable company 
  • Ensure that you have researched thouroughly as you wouild not want to close the door of your online shop due to servers hosting your domain unavailable.
  • Consider hosting your domain in the country where your target market is
  • Check references of your chosen host company with focus on identifying if other customers like you are happy.
  • Domain hosting is normally charged as a monthly subscription service
  •  Budget minimum $15 for this hosting service
  • Choose host companies with sufficient IT infrastructure

This cost is not usually disclosed to customers like you.

3. Products and services keywords - a domain name or website URL must be self explanatory meaning your domain name must tell all prospective customers what you are selling.

  • When users search online they type the name of the product or service they want and having your URL including these words boosts your search profile
  • The products and services you sell must be identified in a name that is understood by your customers e.g AfricansAttire.com uses the name Tee when selling to USA and T Shirt when selling to South African consumers


  • Ensure that you have consulted or conducted key words planning
  • Always use names that your target market use

4. Logo - the most important teaser or appettiser for any website is the logo and images that you use on your site.

  • companies that sell online are represented by clean, smart and easy to read website and images. 
  • Images attract your potential customers to get attached to your business
  • The logo must also indicate what you are selling.

Takeaway lesson

  • Logo must represent your business and should beeasy to undersytand what you are selling
  • Businesses with websites optimised with great images and logo stand a 80% chance of being viewed by your customers
website maintenance

    5.Maintenance of the website - maintenance of the website is the process of updating content, products, images as well as keeping all information updated.

    • Your website designer must indicate what process you and them will have for regular updates
    • Review the contracr you have with your designer and check if they have included a close about this

    Takeaway lesson

    • Ask your website designer about maintanance nd upgrades
    • Confirm if the designer owns the code and how upgrading and maintenance is initiated
    • Do not be entangled by the way the developer does business, rather engage companies that are willing to design a site that meets your business and customers needs.

    Most website development have adopted the one size fits all approach which is totally the opposite of how Do Start Trillion ventures apprioached eCommerce. We value your success and thrive to enable any kind of busdiness with tools for selling beyond border to diverse markets. The 5 points above are hidde, if you check how much the total is then you may revissit your plan regarding the choice to sell online.

    With all this hindsight  we can adv ise you that Do Start Trillion Ventures is not a one size fits all eCommerce company, we prefer creating unique websites that will clearly communicate your message and turn website visitors into loyal customers.

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